Version history - Easy Watermark Studio


Easy Watermark Studio - version history

Version 4.0

Release date: 18-11-2014


  • support Camera RAW image formats
  • speed of image loading improved
  • image list scroll speed improved
  • Exposure time (Shutter speed) EXIF tag corrected
  • Support PDF output format
  • image watermark space cropped automatically
  • Created time EXIF info tag added
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 3.6

Release date: 16-11-2013


  • Automatic version update checker added
  • Random watermark position added
  • New icon set for graphic watermark
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 3.5

Release date: 11-02-2013


  • Windows 8 support
  • Text layer clone bug fixed
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 3.4

Release date: 08-12-2011


  • layer dragging with mouse added
  • resolved overwriting issue if destination file exist. (overwrite, skip, use counter)
  • added more language (Russian, Vietnamese)
  • scale to image feature fixed on the image layer
  • cross line feature added (normal, diagonal, normal&diagonal)
  • layer clone function added
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 3.3

Release date: 05-09-2011


  • Added more languages(Indonesian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Vietnamese)
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 3.2

Release date: 24-08-2011


  • Improved watermarking speed
  • Hot buttons added
  • Added multilanguage support(English, Hungarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French)
  • Improved window resize
  • EXIF info viewer
  • Import, Export profiles added
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 3.1

Release date: 01-08-2011


  • Add images from clipboard
  • Capture desktop screenshot
  • Load selected profile automatically
  • some other bugs fixed

Version 3.0

Release date: 05-06-2011


  • New resizable GUI
  • support GUI color change
  • multi layer support
  • 120 DPI resolution support
  • Rotate watermark 45 degree, if CTRL is pressed
  • You can add image filename as watermark
  • You can set horizontal and vertical space on tile watermark
  • Drop shadow opacity added
  • Drop shadow blur value added
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 2.1

Release date: 02-25-2011


  • Image watermark alpha shadow added
  • Output color conversion realtime view
  • Negative effect added to output color conversion
  • Watermark scaling fixed on small images
  • Lines for a better protection
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 2.0

Release date: 02-01-2011


  • More smoothed text watermark
  • Added text smoothing
  • Speed optimization
  • Gradient text color added
  • Text outline added
  • User friendly new design
  • User can add EXIF tags to watermark text
  • Built in watermark templates
  • Animated GIF frame navigation
  • Some other bugs fixed

Version 1.4

Release date: 04-30-2010


  • Improved text outher glow
  • Animated GIF support

Version 1.3

Release date: 04-26-2010


  • Added automatic image rotation, based on EXIF Rotation tag
  • Added option to Preserve original EXIF information
  • Added text watermark reflection
  • Added text watermark flip (horizontal + vertical)
  • Added image watermark reflection
  • Added image watermark noise filters
  • Added image watermark flip (horizontal + vertical)
  • Fixed bugs from previous version