Client Testimonials - What our customers are saying!


Able to resize gifs and/or add watermarks or text without losing the animation - AWESOME!
Do not have any other program that will do that."
- Dan
"I downloaded trial versions of several different watermark software last night, and tested each one of them. Easy Watermark Studio is the one I like best. I am happy to find a software that best meets my needs." - Pat Yu
"I think that Easy Watermark Studio is really nice piece of software. It is bundled with so many features and options, and extremely easy to use. It is very convenient that it allows us to preview the changes we make, before we apply them. And, which is very important, it is very stable.I was very pleasantly surprised when it let me make an image watermark of very small size (50x50 pix) from a really huge source image (2900x2900 pix) with excellent quality. I really regret that my English was too poor to express how delighted I am with this cool program. You, people, really know how to make software. So I will surely try out some other products of yours." - C. Skywalker
"Lovely, simple to use program. Intuitive, and just about idiot-proof." - Angela
"I applied a few of the effects - but I was amazed at the fact that they included image effect filters - powerful program." - Rob
"This has many, many features. It's designed to generate high-quality output, so it can be slow, but it will batch process. No Help, but very easy to use (seriously). Live preview. It does one text and/or one image watermark, but it has so many features and effects, that's not an issue. In addition, it has some effects for the image as a whole, such as 3D with reflection. " - Fubar
"It is a best watermark soft I tried for my purpose - to keep artistic view of the protected image (not to damage too much) and to keep the protection still strong against Inpaint. The key factors are location and opacity of image-type watermark. " - Sgo
"Thank you for this program. It is exactly what I needed and it has so many options. Great Job." - Lancaster
"I tested this program on a large high quality ". JPG" file and there was absolutely no loss of quality. Software writers, such as myself, take a great deal of time effort to produce high quality work" - OldScotty
"Very nice, easy to use watermark software with too many great features to comment on each. Download fast and easy. XP install also fast and flawless. I have tried a couple watermark programs and this is the very best by far. I personally like the colors used in the interface. Within two minutes of installing I created a beautiful watermark. It's that easy to figure out the basics. This is definitely a keeper in all respects for me." - anonymus
"I really have gotten a kick out of this program. Very easy to setup, run, and has tons of options that you can use. It will use imported effects which gives you a lot of options. I especially like the way that it handles animated gif's with the watermarking as that one feature makes this program a winner for my needs. " - anonymus
"The software comes with many options and my images were recreated using my settings and they were great. I had contacted the vendor of this software and had a response within minutes. I also saw this software comes with a lifetime upgrade policy which makes it for another great reason to purchase." - L. Gorby
"This utility does exactly what it says it will and does it well. The feature set is robust, the GUI is attractive and well organized, IMO. Installation and activation were straightforward on my Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64 and XP Pro machines." - JMJ
"As a graphics designer and doing a lot of work on photographs I love this program. I can watermark all my pictures at one time and this saves me so much time." - Ambrosina